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Auxfun: Affordable Pleasure for Beginners

Auxfun is a sub-brand of Hismith that specializes in manufacturing affordable sex machines. These machines are compact, lightweight, and have a simple structure.

While they may not have the same performance as premium sex machines, they are perfect for beginners, offering guaranteed quality and ease of use.

Auxfun's products come in discounted packages, each tailored to different genders and preferences. Whether you enjoy vaginal or anal stimulation, or both, you can find a suitable budget sex machine bundle for your needs.

Versatile 3XLR Connectors

Unlike Hismith's Kliclok connectors, Auxfun's affordable sex machines use 3XLR connectors. Despite the difference, they are still fast, convenient, and reliable.

If you wish to use a Kliclok connector on a machine with a 3XLR connector, you can purchase the 3XLR to Kliclok adapter. Conversely, if you want to use a 3XLR accessory on a machine with Kliclok connectors, you can purchase the Kliclok to 3XLR adapter

Auxfun also offers suction cup adapter and Vac-U-Lock adapter, allowing you to use existing dildos from other brands.

Seamless Installation and Usage

Installation, usage, and maintenance of Auxfun's affordable sex machines are hassle-free. They require no assembly or maintenance. Simply plug them in, adjust the angle, and they are ready to use.


The machines are primarily made of durable plastic, providing lightweight stability compared to heavier professional sex machines. They feature four powerful suction cups for secure attachment.

The dildos and sleeves are made of safe PVC material, which is non-toxic but porous. Proper cleaning is essential after use.


Auxfun machines come with a six-month warranty. If your machine malfunctions within the warranty period, we provide free replacement parts or even a new machine. However, you will be responsible for the shipping fees.

Package Sets for Varied Desires

To cater to different genders and preferences, we recommend the following sets:

Male masturbation machine set
Women's fucking machine set
Anal sex machine set
Sex machine set for couples
Sex machine set for men (anal sex and masturbation)

Auxfun sex machines are perfect for beginners. With their discounted packages, reliable performance, and easy maintenance, you can explore your sexual desires with confidence and satisfaction.