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Discover the power of F-machine for ultimate pleasure. Our collection includes sex machines, dildos, and accessories from F-machine to satisfy all your desires. Read this brief guide to learn more about F-machine products.

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F-Machine: Innovative Sex Machines and Versatile Accessories

F-machine, originating from the UK, has been designing and manufacturing sex machines for over a decade. With a blend of British design and Chinese manufacturing, they offer affordable machines without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

While their machine collection may be limited, they continuously listen to feedback and make improvements, resulting in 4 classic models.

Additionally, they provide a variety of accessories to enhance usability and accommodate a wide range of dildos. All F-machines come with a one-year warranty and discreet packaging.

Pro 3 Fucking Mmachine

This machine is an upgraded version of the Pro 2 (no longer available) and has become a benchmark for other brands, thanks to its outstanding performance and impeccable design.

  • Sturdy stability: Equipped with solid steel legs and weighing 12.6kg, it remains stable even at maximum speed.
  • Easy adjustability: The revised quick-release leg clamps allow for effortless angle and height adjustments to accommodate various positions.
  • Quiet and powerful motor: With a maximum speed of 280 strokes per minute, it operates with minimal noise.
  • Vaculock compatibility: It includes a vaculock adapter for quick switching between Doc Johnson toys.
  • Adjustable stroke length: The machine offers a quick adjustment of 1-6 inches for varying depths of penetration.
  • Available in black and pink.

Pro 4 Fucking Machine

An upgraded version of the Pro 3, it inherits all the features of its predecessor.

Additional features:
  • Enhanced materials and design for a premium experience.
  • Easy-to-use remote control for convenient operation.
  • Modular design of key components for easy troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Self-sensing AC/DC power supply, enabling operation across different voltages (Pro 3 requires country-specific power supply).

Gigolo Fucking Machine

With a distinct design from the Pro 3, the Gigolo embodies style, elegance, sophistication, and sexiness.


  • Adjustable to any angle, catering to even the most demanding positions, including those for BDSM enthusiasts.
  • 40W motor with a maximum speed of 240 strokes per minute and adjustable stroke length of 1-4 inches.
  • Vac-u-lock compatibility: It includes a vaculock adapter for quick switching between Doc Johnson toys.
  • Easy-to-use remote control for seamless control.
  • Virtually silent slider mechanism, maintaining low noise even at full speed.
  • Self-sensing AC/DC power supply, enabling operation across different voltages.
  • Available in black and pink.

Male masturbation machine Tremblr

Unlike the other three models, this machine is specifically designed for male self-pleasure.

  • Tremblr utilizes air pressure to create a gripping sensation, providing pleasurable sensations of thrusting, squeezing, and suction.
  • Customizable modes with adjustable speed and pressure, allowing for endurance training and adapting to various frequencies and tightness levels.
  • Ultra-lightweight automatic stroking mechanism, freeing your hands during use.
  • Powerful and quiet industrial-grade motor, delivering up to 180 strokes per minute to fulfill your desires.
  • Wireless remote control for easy operation, controlling start, stop, speed, and pressure with just one hand.
  • Detachable and washable strokers, accompanied by exclusive storage boxes.


Once the thrusting rod's quick air connection end is removed and the screw end is exposed, you can utilize F-machine's exclusive accessories.

  • Flexible spring adapter: Enhances flexibility of the dildo for better G-spot stimulation and eliminates the need to adjust the machine's angle for minor position changes.

  • Double vac-u-lock adapter: Enables simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration experiences.

  • Suction cup adapter: Allows you to use your own suction cup-based dildos, providing a secure connection with the elastic bands.

  • Quick air vac-u-lock kit: Included with the machine, additional kits enable fast switching between different dildos