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About Hismith:

Hismith is dedicated to providing a wide range of sex machines, dildos, and attachments. Their products are known for their high quality, affordability, and diverse options to suit various budgets. With frequent product updates, Hismith ensures a fast-paced innovation. Moreover, they offer a dedicated app to enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of their products.

Hismith Sex Machines:

Hismith offers a range of sex machines, starting from the portable sex machine priced at $159, to the professional sex machine priced at several hundred dollars, which has gained significant popularity.

Hismith Premium

The premium sex machine series is particularly renowned, available in five different colors and offering excellent value for money starting from $419.99.

Hismith premium sex machines in 5 colors

Key Features:
  • Powerful and quiet 100W motor with a maximum thrusting speed of 240 strokes per minute.
  • Adjustable thrusting distance from 1 to 6 inches.
  • Easy height and angle adjustments for versatile use in different positions.
  • Sturdy and stable construction for a secure experience.
  • Compatibility with adapters and gender-specific attachments for added usability.
  • Safe and user-friendly design.
Suitable for:
  • Individuals who enjoy thrusting sensations.
  • Both beginners and experienced users.
  • For those not interested in using the Hismith App, a cheaper basic version is available (upgradeable to the app version).
  • Other color options perform identically to the black machine.

Hismith Quadruple Fucker

For a high-end experience, the Hismith Quadruple Penetration Machine offers four detachable thrusting rods at both ends, capable of serving two people simultaneously. It shares the same performance features as the Premium Sex Machine, providing powerful thrusting with its 100W motor.

  • The four rods are not independently adjustable, as they move at the same rhythm.
  • App version only.


Table Top 2

Table Top 2 serves as an affordable alternative to Hismith Premium, ideal for those who don't tire of similar sexual positions. Due to its design, it offers a limited range of angle adjustments. It comes in two versions: 48W and 100W, with the 40W option being sufficient for beginners. It demonstrates excellent stability on the bed, table, and floor.

Suitable for:
  • Those who enjoy the missionary position or similar positions
  • Only app version available and comes in five different colors.

Hismith Pro traveler and Capsule

Pro traveler and Capsule are both portable sex machines, ideal for those who prefer a compact and travel-friendly option. Notably, they come with their own portable bags for convenient storage of the machine and its accessories. Due to their portable nature, their power and ability to accommodate larger attachments are not comparable to the aforementioned machines. Unlike the Pro traveler, the Capsule is rechargeable, resulting in less power (not suitable for anal penetration).

Suitable for:
  • Those who frequently travel and have lower power requirements.
  • Only app version available and come with a remote.
  • With a strong suction cup, they easily stick to smooth surfaces.

Please refer to the user manual for further information on how to use, maintain, and repair Hismith sex machines.

Hismith Adapters and Extensions:

Hismith's range of accessories for sex machines deserves special mention, as it exemplifies their commitment to listening to user feedback and promptly responding with product improvements and new developments. These accessories are also known for their high quality and ease of use. The Kliclok adapters, designed with an octagonal shape, prevent direct rotation between the male and female parts. Gently press the sleeve on the female part allows for easy detachment.

  • Extension Rod: Increases the length of the thrusting rod, making the machine more versatile for various scenarios and positions, such as on the bed.
  • Spring Attachment: Facilitates smoother machine usage, eliminating the need for frequent angle adjustments for slight position changes.
  • Suction Cup Adapter: Enables the use of your own suction cup dildos.
  • Vac-u-lock Adapter: Allows for the use of your own vac-u-lock dildos.
  • Doubler: Ideal for simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration, with adjustable parallel distance between the two shafts.
  • Bondage Attachment: Allows the use of your own Fleshlight, pocket pussy, or dildos.
  • Wand Clamp: Provides clitoral stimulation while enjoying the thrusting motion.

Hismith Dildos:

All Hismith dildos are made of silicone and feature the Kliclok adapter, designed for compatibility with Hismith sex machines. They come in a wide range of styles and functionalities, catering to diverse preferences in terms of color, design, size, and functionality. We have also categorized them into the following subcategories: realistic dildos, fantasy dildos, large dildos, vibrating dildos, and anal dildos.

Hismith Masturbators:

Hismith's range of masturbators is relatively limited, with a few options available for male self-pleasure. However, you can utilize their bondage attachment or the standard Fleshlight adapter to use masturbators or pocket pussies from other brands.

Hismith App:

Developed exclusively for Hismith sex machines, the Hismith App offers comprehensive features and user-friendly navigation.

Key Features:
  • Whether for solo play or with a partner, using finger gestures to control the machine adds a new level of enjoyment. And for an even more exhilarating experience, you can use the music control feature.
  • The machines come with built-in modes, and you can customize your own patterns using the app. You can also explore others' patterns or share yours in the App community.
  • In long-distance relationships, you can control your partner's toy by simply sending them a link. You can even set a maximum speed to ensure safety.
  • If you enjoy group fun, you can create or join a room where all machines are synchronized, allowing everyone to have a synchronized experience.

Please refer to the Hismith App manual for further information on how to use the app effectively.