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Cyclops: 8″ stroke, angling arm

The newest Monster, Cyclops (also available as Cyclops XL) provides the power and strength to fuck with any dildo and a stroke up to 8″ deep.  This machine is compact and adds the awesome convenience of an angling arm.  This one-eyed monster is heavily constructed of steel to handle the most rigorous possible use. Cyclops comes powdercoated a smooth gloss black.

The Cyclops shares the same ultra-powerful motor available on the famous Kong.  The 250 watt Chinese motor provides approximately 100 in-lbs torque at 200 strokes per minute top speed.  Even the very lowest speed settings are butter-smooth.

Cyclops will handle ANY play with ANY size dildo.  Available for both 110 VAC and 220 VAC grids.

Additional information
WEIGHT:  48 lbs
DILDO SYSTEM:  Both Systems, No Dildo System, Strap System, VUL System
LOCAL POWER:  110/120 VAC, 220/240 VAC

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