16" Extension Rod


Give your machine even more reach
This 16 inch Extension Rod
Giving an additional 16 inches of space between their Diva sex machine and the hot action.
Imagine the fun you can have
See list of Diva Machines below

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This 16" Extension Rod allows a user to obtain an additional 16 inches of space between their machine and the hot action. The 16" Extension Rod is CNC'd from hi-quality grade 1 billet aluminium, and is made in China especially for Diva machines. Please note that, for maximum strength, it is supplied as 2 x 8 inch rods that screw together but can be used individually too, for full flexibility of length..

This 16" Extension Rod is only compatible with the fucking machines below. If your machine is a Willie Wanka or a uFUC, please order the Willie Wanka 14" Extension Rod or the uFUC 14" Extension Rod

Compatible machines for the 16" Extension Rod:-

Blue Balls XL Fucking Machine
Blue Balls XL 2.0 Fucking Machine
Love Rider
Diva Tool Box Lover
Fuck Box Fucking Machine
Original Tool Box Fucking Machine
My Pleasurer Love Machine
Caesar 2.0 Love Machine
Caesar 3.0 Love Machine
Caesar 4.0 Love Machine
Compass Love Machine
Motion Love Machine
Wiggler Love Machine
Bondage Love Machine
Robotic Lovers Machine
Bendy 360 Fucking Machine
DP Fucking Machine
Turbo Sex Machine
Sniper PRO Sex Machine
Commando Sex Machine
Kink Power Banger


Length: 16 Inch (2 x 8 inch)
Grade 1 Billet Aluminium

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